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Eddie Jul 24 '14

Oxwall®is unbelievably flexible and easy to use PHP/MySQL social networking software platform.

Its flexibility is an extremely easy way to change the way it works using Oxwall plugins. These plugins are complete units of functionality that can be used for various purposes.

We take special care about core and plugins compatibility so any updates are easy like a breeze. Just click that button in the admin area.

Oxwall offers unseen level of efficiency when you need a full-featured, working site.

The project is operated by Oxwall Foundation - a non-profit that oversees the platform development and coordinates third party efforts.

Oxwall has been around since 2010 and never stopped active development. Join the movement! enlightened

Eddie Nov 2 '13

Test to see if Soundcloud allowed (declared in user content allowed!)devil

Eddie Nov 2 '13 · Tags: and, the, tags, still, work


Eddie Nov 1 '13 · Tags: test 1, 2 3

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